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Voter's Guide - 2020 General Election

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Dear readers:

It's often times a mad rush come election season to get the information necessary to make informed choices at the voting booth. That's why we've compiled a hub for information, resources, useful links, and the like, right here in blog form. So, here you are!

Fast Facts

- In the 2016 presidential election, only 60% of eligible voters actually turned out to vote

- More than 40 million Christians who are eligible to vote, don't vote

- 1/4 of all eligible voters did not vote in 2016 due to a "dislike of candidates or campaign issues."


Voting Guide Tool - from the PA Family Institute

Official Pennsylvania voting website -

Key Dates

- Voting Day (general election) - Tuesday, November 3rd

- Deadline to register to vote - Monday, October 19th

Who will be on the ballot?


- President - Donald Trump (Republican), Joe Biden (Democrat), Joe Jorgensen (Libertarian), & Howie Hawkins (Green)

- Congress - District 11 - Lloyd Smucker (Republican) & Sarah Hammond (Democrat)

District 10 - Scott Perry (Republican) & Eugene Depasquale (Democrat)


- Attorney General - Josh Shapiro (Democrat), Heather Heidelbaugh (Republican), Daniel Wassmer (Libertarian), & Richard Weiss (Green)

- State Treasurer - Joe Torsella (Democrat), Stacy Garrity (Republican), Joe Soloski (Libertarian), & Timothy Runkle (Green)

- Auditor General - Nina Ahmad (Democrat), Timohty DeFoor (Republican), Olivia Faison (Green), & Jennifer Moore (Libertarian)

- Senator in the General Assembly - District 33 - Doug Mastriano (Republican) & Rich Sterner (Democrat) / District 31 - Mike Regan (Republican) & Shanna Danielson (Democrat) / District 13 - Scott Martin (Republican) & Janet Diaz (Democrat)

Representative in the General Assembly (only York County Districts listed)- District 93 - Mike Jones (Republican) / District 94 - Stan Saylor (Republican) / District 95 - Carol Hill-Evans (Democrat) & Kacey French (Republican) / District 47 - Keith Gillespie (Republican) / District 92 - Dawn Keefer (Republican) & Doug Ross (Democrat) / District 196 - Seth Grove (Republican) / District 169 - Kate Klunk (Republican)

Register to Vote

- Text "iVOTE" on your smartphone to 73075 to access Personal Voting Assistant

- We will have a voting registration drive at Praise on the mornings of October 4th, 11th, & 18th. Here we'll help anyone register to vote that isn't already.

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