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Knowing love. Becoming love.


To create an environment for the Holy Spirit to inspire, challenge and transform people for generations to come. 



We devote ourselves to the Lord because He first devoted Himself to us. In Him we find all of His promises, perspective, faith, and love. We can do nothing apart from Him. Anything that we do that isn’t done with Him does not and will not count. We are co-laborers with Him and He has set it up this way so that we might remain with Him.

(1 John 4:19, John 15:4, Galatians 5:6)


We are zealous for good deeds. We give our best because He gave his best. We work as if we are working for the Lord, not for man.

(Titus 2:14, Colossians 3:23)


We do not fear one another, rather we fear the Lord. We love one another enough to tell each other the truth. We are honest about each other and also about ourselves. When someone is courageous enough to point out a gap in our process, we receive it with joy.

(Matthew 7:5, Matthew 10:28)


We find the bottom position and place ourselves there as often as we are aware. It is out of this position where the Lord can be found and where grace flows.

(Mark 10:31, Luke 14:8)


We trust God with our finances, and He will trust us with true treasure. Our heart is validated by our money, therefore we use it to bless the Lord and those in need.

(Matthew 6:21, Luke 16:11)


We train because we are not done yet. We are being led and guided into truth. We train and share with a body of believers so that all may benefit and grow in Christ.

(Hebrews 12:11, John 16:13)


As a Church of God congregation, we adhere to the beliefs, commitments, and doctrinal positions of the Church of God - Cleveland, Tennessee. [Click here for more info.]


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