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The vision of this ministry is to train children to hear God’s voice, to know His word and to do His will. Through interactive lessons, crafts, games, outreach and contemplative homework assignments, children seek and find God, meditate on His word and spur one another on to walk in His ways. Parents commit to assisting their children, discussing their discoveries, and encouraging them to press on toward the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.


There are four seasons of Kids’ KAIO that allow the children to grow in their personal relationships with the Lord. The themes for each season are as follows:

  • Season 1 | Ignite and Fan the Flame

  • Season 2 | Going Deeper to Set Ablaze

  • Season 3 | Dependable Me: Responding to His Call

  • Season 4 | Building the Kingdom Brick by Brick

Season 4

  • JANUARY 31ST, 2024-APRIL 17TH, 2024

  • Kid's KAIO Covenant - click here

Upcoming Season:

Season: Building The Kingdom Brick By Brick

Time: Wednesdays | 6:00PM - 7:30PM

Ages: Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Location: All meetings are held in on the 2nd floor rooms, (Rise, Shine, Move, & the Art Room unless noted otherwise on our schedule).


"Ignite and Fan the Flame"

This is the first season of Kids’ KAIO where the children are introduced to the four main components of KAIO - Knowledge, Awareness, Intentionality, and Obedience. They are given a number of opportunities to seek after God, to listen for His voice, to identify His voice above all others, to be intentional about their time with Him, and to walk in ways that honor Him. In addition, they will be asking God for words for their partners, group members and others. Testimonies and words will be shared weekly.


      "Going Deeper to Set Ablaze"

Season 2 gives the children the opportunity to go deeper in their walks with the Lord; to fine tune their hearing and seeing, and to walk with more confidence in their God-given assignments. Homework assignments move thinking to a deeper level and engage the children (as well as parents) in the process of pursuing God. The purpose of this season is to grow a more rich relationship with the Lord; one that is more firmly anchored in Him. Truth, trust, belief and faith are just a few of the concepts that are the focus of this season.


"Dependable Me: Responding to His Call"

In season 3, we will be focusing on what it means to be part of the body of Christ, and doing the part(s) that God calls us to do so that the body is working according to His design. We are to be a unified force, ready to respond to His call. We will explore what happens when individuals can be counted on, as well as the ramifications of working with those who are not dependable. The goal is to develop Christ-like dependability in all members of the body. Topics will include: seeking and finding God, knowing His voice above all others, roles and ministries in the local church, ministering to others in the body and outside the body, prophecy, and giftings.


"Building the Kingdom Brick by Brick"


This final season of Kids’ KAIO will revolve around taking the Good News to the world and building the kingdom of God. We will begin to learn what it means to honor God, seek His kingdom, walk in righteousness, share the Gospel, etc. We will make ourselves ready to be instruments for His use to bring Him glory. There will be several opportunities to “go beyond” the four walls to reach the world through homework assignments, weekly meetings, and church outreach events. The prayer for this ministry is to prepare young people to be ready to bring the kingdom of Heaven to earth, to be bold and courageous in sharing their faith and the love of their Father, and to be ready to overcome any obstacle the enemy puts in their paths. As these children walk out their faith before the watching world, God will be glorified!

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