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At Praise, we believe that dreams can be significant and that God can speak through them. We recognize that not all dreams are from God, but there are countless examples in scripture of meaningful dreams that guided, instructed, and warned God's people. That's why we've assembled a team of prophetic people that have some experience with measuring and interpreting dreams. It's our goal, with the direction of the Holy Spirit, to provide clarity and sound interpretation to dreams that are hard to understand, and capture what God may be saying through this often times misunderstood mode of communication with God.

To submit a dream, click here.


Once you complete and submit this form, the Dream Team leader, Emily Eisenberger, will direct members of her team to pray and process the information. Once we've done that and compared notes, you can expect to hear from us. 

*NOTE: Please be patient as we like to pray about the interpretations and sit on them to hear confidently what God is saying.

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