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Church of God Campmeeting - June 18th

Some of you have asked: what exactly is a "campmeeting?" We wanted to explain what it is that we're hosting on Friday, June 18th and why you should come!

First, it's a true honor to be able to host this state denominational gathering at Praise! Other Church of God Pastors, leaders, and congregants from our region will gather at Praise on the 18th to worship collectively and hear from our guest speaker, Dr. J. David Stephens.

Second, it's worth knowing the tradition of the "campmeeting" and how that fits into our denomination's heritage and history. Campmeetings, especially in the frontier of Kentucky and Tennessee, were synonymous with revival in the early 1800's during America's 2nd Great Awakening. Our denomination, the Church of God, Cleveland, TN, was birthed out of these campmeeting revivals, where large, backwoods, open air gatherings hosted an amazing outpouring of the Spirit for many country and townspeople of the American frontier. The revival campmeeting at Cane Ridge (August, 1801), particularly, was an integral flame that lit many fires, including that of our Church of God forefathers. The purpose of the campmeeting, which mirrors the purpose of today's tradition in the Church of God, was to all gather at a central location once per year and ask for a fresh fire of the Holy Spirit. So, we'll meet with others in our state's denomination in mid June to do just this!

Cane Ridge Campmeeting Revival - Kentucky, 1801

Our Guest Speaker, Dr. J. David Stephens, is the 2nd Assistant General Overseer of the national Church of God denomination. Essentially, Dr. Stephens is third in command of our entire denomination in the U.S. In the past, Dr. Stephens served as State overseer of the states of Florida (2010-2012), Tennessee (2008-2010), Kentucky (2002-2008), & Northern New England (1998-2002), as well as pastored a church in Stafford, VA.

Details about June 18th

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Praise Sanctuary

Childcare? No

Worship? Yes

Cost: None

Will the Ministry Room be open? Yes

We hope to see you there, and please bring guests if you're able!

- Praise Staff

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