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Updated: May 5, 2020

Free Markets and Capitalism have produced… the most innovative, inventive, peaceful, healthy, charitable, & profitable societies in history. The United States, Great Britain, South Korea, etc.

In chart A, below, we see a breakdown of world per capita GDP over the last few centuries. GDP, or gross domestic product, is by many accounts the most reliable metric in measuring wealth and economic health. This steady increase in GDP unmistakably shadows the rise of free markets and capitalistic societies. In chart B, correspondingly, we see a picture of world poverty in a similar time frame. If one were to overlay these charts, one would see that they cross, and as one figure rises sharply another falls sharply. It would be hard to argue that the CAUSE of a rise of free markets and capitalism does not AFFECT a drastic global decrease in poverty. Chart C is a region-specific snapshot of this trend that shows western civilizations, like the United States, leading the pack, which they did chronologically with their free market economic booms. Chart D shows a very telling dichotomy of North & South Korea. North Korea under communism has stagnated or declined over the years, while South Korea, in the 60’s & 70’s, after embracing free markets, has skyrocketed its economic output.

The talking point often associated with far-left politicians that socialism and communism are viable, and capitalism is inherently evil is not true – these charts prove this in an economic sense. This slick agenda is neither based in facts nor reality, and often resonates with young academic crowds. Interestingly, past socialist and communist “revolutions” started and gained steam with this very demographic – young, impressionable, & deceived academics. *Note Nazi Germany & Stalinist Russia

Socialism & Communism have produced… the most oppressed, persecuted, poor, and DEAD societies in history. The Soviet Union, Communist China, Cambodia, Nazi Germany, Cuba, etc.

Under Communist rule, in just the 19th century, about 100 million people were murdered, according to the famous book “The Black Book of Communism.” Communism’s antecedent, socialism, should not be underestimated either. Although it’s tougher to come up with a body count, socialism is typically the stepping stone to its more radical relative – communism. If we take Nazi Germany alone, and even add present day Venezuela, we should be able to see the mass murder, starvation, power lust, and corruption quite clearly.

In a breakdown of the leading causes for 20th century deaths, found that a staggering 142M deaths came at the hands of geopolitical motivation, or "ideological" reasons as the study called it. The creators listed Communism as the top “Ideological” reason for death in the entire century (94M). Its close counterpart, Fascism, which the compilers associated with socialist Nazi Germany, accounted for 28M. Further, in a totally separate category, labeled “Famine,” an additional 101M perished. It’s important to note that the three countries that made up this category were China, North Korea, & the Soviet Union: all present or past radical Communist regimes. *The study used mortality data from the OECD and World Health Organization, among other sources.

The equality of opportunity present in countries like the U.S. afford virtually anyone the prospect of prosperity.

- 97% Americans who are able to graduate from High School & avoid having children out of wedlock are above the poverty line. It’s important to note when considering this statistic, too, that our “poverty line” would be considered wealthy in most other countries. (Institute for Family Studies - IFS)

- About 8 out of 10 American millionaires are self-made. Further, most of those self-made millionaires actually don’t graduate from the prestigious upper-tier of American colleges. In other words, prestige and elite societal standing are much less important to success than we might be led to believe. (Ramsey Solutions Research)

- American charity, both individually and as a nation that offers foreign aid, outgives all other countries, by far.

- Life expectancy, access to medicine and healthcare, safety, education, and more are at or near the top of the list globally.

Democrats on Socialism/Free Markets - Nearly 2/3 of Democrats (65%) have a positive view of Socialism, while 55% have a positive view of Capitalism

Republicans on Socialism/Free Markets - 84% of Republicans have a negative view of socialism, while 78% have a positive view of Capitalism

*Pew Research Center Survey - conducted Spring 2019


-J.F D'Orsie - Communications Director

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