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praise staff: what are you reading?

We thought it would be fun, and also telling, to let you know what we're reading as a staff, other than the Bible of course. The following lists what each of us are currently reading, and, in our own words, why we've chosen this particular book for this particular time.

Adam Bower - Lead Pastor

"Although I've not yet begun this book, it's a priority on my reading list. Kenneth E. Hagin's ministry (Rhema) speaks for itself, which is the first reason this book appeals to me. The second is that I'm always interested in accounts on hearing and being led by the Holy Spirit, especially when scripture supports the methods and ideas being presented. I'm always postured to hear what someone who has been led by the Holy Spirit has to say."

Brian Connolly - Teaching Pastor

"I’ve been sensing for quite some time the need to begin to root and ground our church in spiritual matters; namely, to equip our people to recognize and stand against demonic forces and to embrace and understand the manifestations of God’s Spirit. Not only that, I’m also endeavoring to establish a prophetic culture here at Praise as well. I’ve personally encountered the Jezebel spirit numerous times throughout my life and ministry. Its attack against the prophets and the church of Jesus Christ can no longer be tolerated. It seeks to counterfeit the prophetic and rise to power through control and manipulation. As we seek to advance the kingdom of God, we can rest assured that this wicked spirit will rear its ugly head. It’s my goal to become more educated about this spirit and raise up watchmen and watchwomen to pray for our church body and staff, keep an eye out for its influence, and sound the alarm if necessary."

Joe D'Orsie - Communications Director

"I've always had a deep respect for those innovative thinkers, statesmen, and revivalists that established our country, the foremost of whom was our nation's first president, George Washington. This book makes a few cases, but its most primary goal is to lay out the fact (and it is a fact) that Washington was a devout Christian, and not a deist, as a faction of secular scholars like to claim. We did not beome the most prosperous and blessed nation in human history by mistake or chance; rather a group of founders [literally] resolved to know nothing but Christ and Him crucified (1st Corinthians 2:2). 'Sacred Fire' brings this reality into focus and proves it with hundreds of pages of hard evidence."

deAnn Roe - Next Steps Director

"I have had a personal encounter with Shawn’s ministry at Firestorm 2015. However, I sensed God asked me to leave – right before he started. Reluctantly, I obeyed. During his ministry time, he called out a description and several of my friends knew he was talking about me. One hollered out to Shawn that I was at home. Shawn said, “Call her!” And so they did. I was highly impacted by the word he spoke over my husband and I. This sparked a greater interest in understanding the prophetic and the amazing gift Shawn has grown into. When his book, Translating God, came out, I knew I had to buy a copy of it. I’m not too far into it, but I love hearing Shawn’s heart and his desire that this gift is for us all to have."

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