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the unveiling: see what jesus sees

The Unveiling Propethic School is unique compared with most other ministry schools. My goal isn’t simply to equip you in how to minister the gift of prophecy. My goal first and foremost is to firmly root you and ground you in the truth of who you are through the love of God and help you mature in your relationship with Him. In fact, the first semester is appropriately called “The Prophet and Identity.” This particular semester is designed to take you on a journey of healing all of the broken places in your life and to replace the lies of your thinking with the truth found in Christ.

The school itself is a two year commitment made up of four semesters total. Each semester has been designed to specifically address areas of prophetic ministry that most schools do not address. The first semester endeavors to equip you in your identity as a believer. The second semester, “The Prophet and Relationship,” seeks to help students deepen and strengthen their relationship with God while also equipping them in various modes of prayer. Finally, the third and fourth semesters, “The Heart of Prophecy" and “Prophetic Phenomena,” rely heavily on application and practice both in and out of the classroom setting.

Although I am the primary instructor for the school, each semester will feature two guest speakers. So far, we’ve been able to partner with such guests as Don Wolabaugh, Ravi Kandal, Nic Billman, John Paul Sprecher, Valora Bock, and David Wagner. My goal for bringing in such friends and ministers is to expose the students to the reality of 1 Corinthians 12:4-6, which states that there are varieties of ministries, varieties of gifts, and varieties of effects, but the same God. The prophetic gift looks different in all of us.

Be the voice you were created to be. Consider enrolling in The Unveiling Prophetic School. The first semester begins October 23rd, 2016. You may register HERE or read about the school on our Unveiling Page. All registrations are due no later than Sunday, September 18th. Thanks and I hope to see you there!


You and I live in a very interesting time in world history. The bible labels this time as “the last days,” which refers to the time period between Jesus being raised from the dead and His return. It’s a time where God has promised to pour out His Spirit on all flesh - both men and women alike - with the result being that the sons and daughters of God will prophesy.

In days prior, the Spirit of God would come upon the prophets of old and one particular person would be designated or called to be God’s mouthpiece to a specific people for a specific time. We see this in John the Baptist’s response to the Pharisees questioning who he was when he stated, “I am the voice of one…” It is my conviction that God isn’t looking for just one voice. He’s looking for the voice of many, the voice of His children.

I believe each and every person has been created to be an extension of the voice of God. One thing is very clear within the bible: God loves people so much that He wants to reveal Himself to them by speaking to them. We see this in the life of Jesus when the Word itself became flesh. Jesus’ very life was God’s voice in bodily form. Everything Jesus said and did prophesied about who the Father is. Our lives are no different. God wants to communicate to those around us with not only our words, but with how we live as well.

Romans 8:19 tells us that creation is anxiously and eagerly awaiting the revealing (or unveiling) of the sons and daughters of God. I liken this reality to the story of Hannah in 1st Samuel 1. She groaned, travailed, and cried out for a son. After many years of praying, God remembered her and opened her womb. He not only gave her a son; he gave her a prophet, Samuel. He gave her a voice to the nation of Israel. Likewise, God is wanting to give birth to His voice through our lives. This is why The Unveiling Prophetic School was created. It was created to help you become the manifestation of God’s voice you were created to be!

Although the prophetic gift may look different in all of us, I do believe that every born again, Holy Spirit filled believer has within them the resident anointing to prophesy. I believe Acts 2:17 to be true; namely, that the sons and daughters of God prophesy. It is my goal to awaken that resident anointing within the body of Christ and help each person become the voice they were created to be within their specific sphere of influence. Here is to an unveiled perspective and a clearly hearing ear!


Pastor Brian Connolly

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