Our youth leaders were able to share with the students some insight into what God has been sharing with them in their quiet time.  It was exciting to hear how God has spoken to each of our leaders about our youth group & how the journey He is leading them on is one of integrity, truth & honor.


We also had the opportunity to dive into the very important topic of sex & marriage.  We talked about how marriage is a lifelong commitment that requires denial of self & how God designed sex to exist in the covenant of marriage in order for us to fully understand its beauty & purpose.  

As each student faces pressures at different times, we wanted them to be fully aware of God’s design & how choosing to put Him 1st will lead them down a road of selflessness & sacrifice yet also one of fruitfulness & much  joy.

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Please feel free to discuss these topics further with your students in order to assure that they understand the concept of both purity & sexual integrity. We want the students to truly see that by creating the Biblical design for relationship & marriage, God did not intend to punish us or cause us to see sex as something bad, but in order for us to see that the union of 2 people should always point us back to the goodness of who He truly is.


  • We will not be meeting for youth group due to Mother’s Day.  Enjoy the day as a family & honor those who have stood in the gap for you & nurtured you as the children of God that you are!

  •  We pray abundant blessings over all mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, godmothers & all those who have stepped in where mothers have been absent.  You are seen & loved & so very much appreciated!!


Amy Gotwalt, Awakened Youth Director


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