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Infanticide: Is This the Vision For America?

In the days following a recent piece of legislation that was passed in New York state, allowing for abortion up to the very moment of birth, I was admittedly angry. Following suit too, the state of Virginia has entertained this ghastly idea, and their Governor was even quoted about the moments after birth being fair game for the woman's "right to choose."

This style of immorality begs the question: what's next? I know it's hard to think about, but who will be sacrificed next on the altar of selfishness? We need not look far into the history of civilizations to see where this mindset leads. Groups of men, women, and children were liquidated under Nazi Germany using a similar philosophy. In fact, a great inspiration of Hitler and his view on eugenics was American Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger. They don't teach you that in grade school!

Yes, Adolf Hitler's team assigned to Nazi Germany's mid 1930's sterilization laws followed very closely case studies from Sanger's (BCR) Birth Control Review. Sanger's associates are also linked in the annuls of history to the support of Nazism and an ethical alignment to what Hitler referred to as the "Jew problem." In addition, the idea of "racial hygiene," which might have originated with Sanger, (she goes into detail about this in an essay titled "The Need for Birth Control in America") became a main driver for the Nazi racial policies during the Third Reich. Whether it started with Sanger or not, it was a term used interchangeably by her, her associates, and the architects of these racist, bigoted enactments which sent millions of people to their grave in the WWII era.

Hitler's eugenicist vision was maybe a bit more direct and nationalistic, while Sanger's was more strategic and covert. She changed the name of what would become Planned Parenthood, as we know it today, several times over the course of her leadership, presumably to shirk the poor perception of the organization, which opened its first clinics in poor, urban areas. Why, you might ask? To eradicate what she considered to be those that are "inferior" among us.

So, I posed the question: who's next? Here's how Sanger answered that question:

According to Sanger's Woman & the New Race, these "types" should consider sterilization or abortion:

- The materially poor

- The mentally handicapped

- Those of "inferior" race and status

- Those children born to large families

- Minorities

- Parents who have any history of various types of diseases or infirmities

- Children who have the propensity to be mentally or physically defective

These means for "controlling" population were extremely Nazi-esque. This was Sanger's vision for America, and it carries on today through Planned Parenthood, the "guardian of women's rights" (so we're told).

Since my initial anger over this, I've cooled off a bit, but the anger has turned into sorrow and heartache. I'm grieved that the act of mutilating the most innocent among us is even a consideration. And, right or wrong, I feel ashamed to be a neighbor to New York state after their horrific decision. As if this situation couldn't get worse, the New York law in question is clearly written to mislead and gives the clever appearance that not much has changed concerning the law, but a closer look reveals the truth.

- New York women, with the assistance of a health practitioner, which under NY law includes a variety of disciplines, including psychologists, with of course the help of "reason and good faith," can now terminate their pregnancies up to the very moment of birth.


1. The child lacks what's called 'fetal viability'

2. The woman's life is in danger

3. OR... the woman's health is affected

The first justification for late term abortion in this list is much less alarming than the second and third, although I even fear that the first could become more subjective in the future. Then there are those second and third points of this gross piece of legislation.

It inserts that abortion is proper when the woman's life or health is in danger, or to quote the bill itself... [abortion] is necessary to protect the patient's life(1) OR health(2). That sounds very ambiguous and shady. Define health. Define protect. It sounds ambiguous and shady because it is, and that's by design. This bill, no matter how convoluted your political defense might be, is the sheer face of evil.

Let's talk about those instances where it's necessary to abort a baby to save the mother's life after 24 weeks. Name one. I can't. It actually doesn't make any sense. Why not just deliver the baby and designate him/her to the NICU. I'm not a medical professional but I've read accounts from many doctors, nurses, and OBGYN experts that back me up. You see, this language in the bill is a sleight-of-hand trick, and it doesn't fool me, nor should it you. To make matters worse, as if lying about the physiology of delivering a baby isn't brazen enough, we have the "health" clause within this bill. If we're not talking about the mom's life, which presumably we're not because they're listed separately, what does health mean? Could it mean convenience? Could it mean anything? These questions are unanswered, open-ended, and totally unacceptable. This bill, to make it simple, provides for the eradication of human beings. Sons and daughters, engineers, teachers, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, children of God. It's utterly disgusting.

In my view, there are no valid excuses or defenses to be in favor of such a thing. No pragmatic, philosophical, compromising arguments bring back any heartbeats, nor do they impress God one bit. The fact is, there's no greater issue in politics/society that either captures God's heart or refuses it than the care of the most defenseless. New York just refused God's heart, and then celebrated about it.

To add insult to injury, this bill wasn't signed in a manner of solemnity. It was signed with jubilation, in the name of "reproductive rights," whatever that means. It's one thing to pass the bill - that's evil. It's another form of evil to sign it, celebrate it, and light your most famous Cityscape pink to commemorate it - that's overtly satanic in my opinion.

Why does it matter to me?

1. I'm American.

Americans, historically, have long loathed misrepresentation, and so do I. This bill, and others like it that are becoming more numerous across the states, misrepresent God, they misrepresent me, and they badly misrepresent what our country was founded upon.

2. Eternity is at stake.

Imagine rationalizing with the Christ on judgment day about 'reproductive rights.' I'm not kidding. How do you think that will go? Do you think He can be persuaded by such a foul position? It's so terrifying I don't even want to think about it. (Matt. 12:36 / Romans 14:12)

Try to see yourself telling Jesus that the very being He was knitting in the womb wasn't worth his time because it was too inconvenient. Jesus Christ loves that baby so much that He is willing to lay down his life for him/her. As a society we care so little about these children that we're poised to scrap their lives for the sake of "choice."

3. Adult felons in NY > full-term baby boys and girls.

Christian blogger Matt Walsh rightly pointed out the other week that adult felons in the state of NY are protected under law from lethal injection. However, with the passing of this bill, that "act of reason and good faith" is not afforded to innocent babies. This is as twisted as twisted gets.

4. It's Anti-Christ

If you need biblical evidence for the position I'm taking, then consider John 10:10. The very reason that Jesus came was so that we would have life (yes, that includes babies) and have it abundantly. Death? Well, this scripture and others point to the enemy being the author of death. Whose side are we on here?

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." JOHN 10:10 NIV

Here's another piece of biblical proof that God finds abortion repulsive. As Proverbs 6 states, (below) there are several things that the Lord hates, among them is the shedding of innocent blood. Young, helpless babies fit the profile of "innocent blood" better than anything else that I can think of. And again, God finds that detestable.

There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community. PROVERBS 6:16-19

Now what?

It's possible to eliminate abortion and I'm hoping and praying for it. I can say a lot about how we could get there but the condensed version is that the people in our country need a greater revelation of Jesus Christ. We need to fast and pray. And we can't ever underestimate the power of testimony. The secret weapon in all of this is testimony. Living, breathing, spoken words and life events from moms and dads who chose life. That's one of the reasons I wanted to remind you of Chelsea's story, embedded above. This video, and the story that it contains, has the ability to go viral and touch so many people in our digital age. I think it's a good start in the fight against abortion. Would you help us get the word out and share this on social media, by word of mouth, through email, blog, text message, and any other mode of communication?

Thanks for standing with us in defense of life!

- JF D'Orsie - Communications Director - PCC

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