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Special Annoucement: Coming Changes to Praise

As you all have likely heard by now, Pastor Brian is moving into an itinerant role come January 2019, and will no longer serve as a regular Pastor at Praise. He will continue to teach his Unveiling Prophetic School, do a weekly "Propheticast," and preach periodically at Praise, but he won't regularly be in the office. Here is a list of changes because of his transition and some unrelated, general changes coming in the new year to Praise's weekly schedule.

i61 - Our Isaiah 61 services are coming to a close and will meet for the last time on Thursday, December 20th. Because of Pastor Brian's itinerant schedule, Thursday nights are no longer practical for him to lead in 2019 and beyond.

Sunday/Wednesday - As a staff, we thought that it would be beneficial for everyone, instead of offering all sorts of things on just about every night of the week, to simplify the ministries and classes that we offer headed forward. So, beginning in 2019, we're moving to a simpler Sundays & Mondays schedule. There will be a couple exceptions, like our 1st Monday Man Meatings, but for the most part, if you're looking for a ministry, class, or study, it will either be on Sundays or Wednesdays.

Rooted Wednesdays

- The Unveiling School - 6-8 PM every Wednesday (when in season) in the sanctuary

- Kid's KAIO - 6-7:30 PM every Wednesday (when in season) in the Shine Room/Gym

- [Adult KAIO] - An adult KAIO option may run on Wednesdays as well but this is not final or established yet.

- Bible Study - Bible studies will run on Wednesdays and can and will vary in style and content. The Epic of Eden, led by Alice Bower, ran this Fall and may return at some point. John Hersey's men's Identity in Christ study starts on November 28th in Room 105 from 6:30 - 8 PM. This will extend roughly 12 weeks.

- Equip for Ministry & Connection Class - 6-8 PM - classes that fit the "EMC" profile will vary but our first session of the 2019 season will be called 'Pathways to Presence,' and it will be a 4-week class led by deAnn & Pastor Adam, starting January 9th. This will key on the avenues that we can commune, experience, and be in the presence of God.


- 1st Church Service - 9:00 - 10:20

- 2nd Church Service - 10:45 - 12:05

- Next Steps Classes (when in season) will still fall in the window of time after the conclusion of the 2nd service.

- 9 Things They Never Told Me Class (taught by Adam) - 4-6 PM in the sanctuary (starting February 10th) INFO & SIGNUP

- Awakened Youth Group - 6-8 PM - Sanctuary (No change here)

- [Intercecessory Prayer Group] (led by Adam) 6-8 PM - Room 105 (start date TBA)

The Unveiling Prophetic School - The Unveiling School is switching from its Sunday evening time slot of 4-6 PM to Wednesdays from 6-8 PM. This applies to both the Gamma Class' final semester, starting in January, and each semester hereafter for the Delta Class.

Let us know if you have any specific questions about scheduling or about the nature of any of these ministries/classes.

- Praise Staff

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