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restoration U 'It's for freedom's sake that christ set us free'

Restoration U begins this Thursday, March 22nd. In a similar vein as our typical Isaiah 61 Thursday evening services, this "series," if we must assign it a formal word, will be anything but conventional. We're inviting several guest speakers into this 12+ week event, some seasoned ministers, and some of our own people who have even yet to share their story in any detail. The crux of Restoration U, though, isn't more church members, monetary contributions, or to be seen or heard. It's simply for the sake of freedom. It really is pure, and that's one of the reasons I do believe God will show up in power.

We know people are hurting. We know many are shackled with things like anxiety, addiction, or the aftermath of abuse. We also know that Jesus is much bigger than these issues, and it's His good pleasure to do away with them. Our faith around Restoration U is big, as it should be, and we invite you to fast and pray alongside us for a move of God that encourages the veteran Christian, refreshes and renews those who have perhaps stepped backward, and represents Jesus to the non-believer.

Here are some things I fully expect to happen at Restoration U: Physical and emotional healing will take place, debilitating strongholds will be destroyed, prophecy will flow, and God will be revealed.

Restoration U will be led by our Teaching Pastor and Unveiling Prophetic School Creator, Brian Connolly, with some help from our Lead Pastor, Adam Bower, and the several guest speakers aforementioned.

As for me, I believe that I heard from the Lord about my role for this series: I'm to be His scribe, and I'm glad to do it. So I'll be posting a chronicle of our i61 meetings, that anyone can revisit, reference, or see and hear for the first time, should you be unable to attend. You can follow the chroncile here on our blog (blog category - Isaiah 61) or on social media (#i61)

-Joe D'Orsie - Communications Director

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