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Prophetic Word for 2019

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

This is the year, says the Lord, where I awaken love like never before — where I stir up love in you for Me, for yourself, and for those around you. This is indeed the year of the four letter word: LOVE. This is the year where I call you back, where you recalibrate and recenter yourself around what matters most and what has always mattered most.

I want you strong for the days ahead. I am preparing My army. I am preparing My fearless ones, those who will go forth in love and those who won’t be moved by what moves the world. I’m raising up My steadfast ones, My committed ones, My bride.

It’s time to hit the reset button and return. This is the year where I begin to purge My church of what it’s pursued at the expense of a relationship with Me. Idols will be torn down and repented of. The

idols of the heart will be dealt with because you were not created for idol worship. You were created to worship Me. You were created to worship in spirit and in truth.

This year does not mark a new beginning. It simply marks a return. This year is the year of the divine return. This is the year where My people return to the simplicity of knowing and loving Me. This is the year where they will revisit what first gripped them. For this will be a time where I catch you with what first caught you and capture you with what first captured you. My forgiveness, My kindness, My mercy, and My grace will be the focus this year. It was my kindness that changed you and it will be My kindness that changes you again. Your love for Me will run deeper than it’s ever run before. You will begin to anxiously look for My return. Your heart and My spirit will join together in prayer and begin to cry out, “Come.”

This will be a year where you long for Me more than ever before. Love is awakening. I’m stirring you up from within. Expect to be more zealous, more passionate, more on fire than ever. For I will have you revisit why you first desired Me to begin with.

This will also be a year where relationships are instantly healed through the power of forgiveness. For I am getting ready to do a massive restoration within families. Families will be healed in a moment. Relationships will be healed in a moment. What will heal them, says the Lord, is mercy and forgiveness. The restoration of families is a sign that I am coming soon. It’s the beginning of the

restoration of all things. It’s also the sign that prophetic voices are on the rise within the church and within families and other spheres of influence.

Because it’s a year of return, prodigal children and the wayward will begin to return home. They will be welcomed by love and changed by mercy and kindness. You will not have to worry about what you will say. No words will be given, but I will give you My heart for them. I will give you My love for them. I will give you My embrace for them. They will be changed in your arms, in your embrace. Their tears will be the sign of their repentance and their sincerity.

Yes, this year will mark the return to simplicity. It will be the return to Me. In the same way that Jesus was about My business, you, too, will be about My business again. There will be a hunger, a groaning heard from within the church. It will be the groaning of the Holy Spirit from within My people. All that man has chased after within the church will be cast aside in the pursuit of Me. They won’t care about who knows them, but they will be burdened by their desire to know Me.

I will end by saying this…. it is the beginning of the end. Love is awakening for one purpose and one purpose only: to make a bride ready for her wedding day… to make a people who will endure to the end… to make a people who will not deny their first love.

Come home. Come back. Return. Recenter. Recalibrate. Reset.

Song of Solomon 8:4 — "Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires."

-Love is awakening because He is coming soon.

-Love is awakening because it’s time.

- Brian Connolly - Itinerant Minister

*Watch Part 1 & 2 of Pastor Brian's messages from 12.23 and 12.30, detailing his 2019 word at Praise below.

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