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Impossible to Possible | Donna's Story

Updated: May 27, 2022

My testimony is about how God can take a totally impossible situation and make it absolutely possible.

My daughter and I were estranged for over six years. She has suffered with mental health issues as a result of side effects from medication she was prescribed for petit mal seizures that began when she was ten years old. Shortly after beginning the medicine, she started having behavioral issues, which continued to get worse as time went on. I questioned both her pediatrician and neurologist about the medication causing behavioral problems, but they insisted it wasn’t the medication, it was just her beginning to go through puberty. Since there was no internet back then where I could check on potential side effects of the medication, I could only rely on what the doctors told me.

She was on this medication for three years, and her behavior continued to get worse. Our house was a battleground. Every day, there was a confrontation, and despite several counselors, we really couldn’t get much help for her. When she was sixteen, her new pediatric psychiatrist confirmed my fears, that it was, indeed, the medication that caused the problems. The side effects were depression, aggression, psychosis, hostility. Although by this time she was off the medication, it had done its damage.

My daughter and I had a rocky relationship through all this which continued into her adult life. She grew into womanhood with huge anger issues and behavioral issues.

She finally went to a psychiatrist on her own and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. She was given medication but was still extremely difficult and volatile. After I innocently replied to one of her posts on Facebook, she texted me and said the most hateful things she could think of and said she never wanted to have anything to do with me ever again. I finally realized that even though I had done everything I could do to get help for her, there was nothing more I, or anyone else, could do to change her heart. My son tried talking to her, with no success. It was then that I realized God was the only One who could change her heart and mend our broken relationship.

After praying for her for decades and receiving no help from God, I got very angry with Him and questioned why He would not help an innocent child who lost her childhood due to this injustice. There was no answer so I turned my back on Him. I was angry and bitter and generally miserable. I also felt like a terrible mother because I couldn’t get any help for her and I was angry at her for the way she had treated my husband and me for many years.

About four years ago, a pastor came to my door to talk to me about God and attending his church. I told him that God hated me because, after all the years I had prayed to him, He never helped my daughter or me. He immediately said that wasn’t true, that God loved me, but I wouldn’t believe it. However, he kept coming back and talking about God’s love for me until he convinced me to come to his church.

It was at his church, reading a book from their library, that I discovered I, and my family for several generations, were under a generational curse. I had read about generational curses in the Bible but never really believed they were true. However, when I read that book which listed ways in which our lives are impacted by generational curses, it was the story of my whole life. It was at that church that I began their deliverance ministry to rid myself of these curses, which in turn, would benefit my children since they were also under these curses and were impacted by them.

Unfortunately, there were issues at that church, and a friend and I felt we needed to find another spirit-filled church. She wanted to try Praise Church, and I came along. I continued to attend Praise and signed up for the deliverance ministry that Paul performed.

Through what I learned in his ministry, I was able to finally see that the problem wasn’t my daughter, but the spirits around her and influencing her. There were familiar spirits that had followed my family line for generations, and they had impacted my whole family. Through all this, I also learned I had been harboring anger and resentment toward my daughter for the hateful things she had said and done to me and my husband. I realized I had to let this anger go.

Meanwhile, I had requested prayer, from people at Praise and in the prayer room, for healing for my daughter and restoration of our relationship.

One particularly difficult day for me in that I was really missing my mother, dad and husband, who had all passed away, I received a message on Messenger out of the blue from my daughter saying she would be temporarily staying with my son till she could find her own place and she wondered if we could talk. I was ecstatic, but cautious because I didn’t want to say the wrong thing, which I had done so many times in the past. So, one afternoon the following week, we sat down and talked and talked. By this time, she had been through a specialized therapy for her disorders and had learned that it was possible to sit down and talk things out instead of just getting angry and belligerent. So, for days we talked through things and slowly re-established our relationship. Things I had asked for in prayer, such as vindication, I received from her and so much more.

God is the only one who could have worked this situation out the way it did. No human being on this earth could have ever changed her mind and heart the way God did. This is ALL the result of God working in our hearts and healing them, and I give Him all the credit, praise and thanksgiving for this miracle.

Also, through Paul’s deliverance Ministry, my splintered soul was healed and God kept working to heal not only my heart, but my precious daughter’s also.

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