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generosity: the praise way

Did you know that 30% of all income that we bring in here at Praise goes right out the door to local and international ministries doing God's work? It's true and it's such a joy to be obedient financially to God and sow into what He's doing through other people and Ministries. Generosity is big for this house, and it's evident from our people all the way up to our leadership. 

In this blog post, I simply wanted to give you all an overview of who and what we give to and what it is they do to equip the saints for the work of service. 

*We are also, as a church, consistently able to generously give to ministries like the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, (more than $6,000) a recent water project in Peru, (more than $2,700) & Aubrey Snyder's coloring ministry ($646) and still others.

Church of God World Missions

Operates in 183 countries, supporting more than 600 missionaries and numerous projects, including church plants, orphanages, and medical aid.

Awakened Ministries (Pastor Brian's Itinerant Ministry)

This ministry allows Brian to travel to Mozambique, Netherlands, Brazil, Norway & other locales to preach the gospel and encourage leaders.

New Life for Girls - Dover, PA

This ministry helps women, ages 18 & up, as well as mothers & their children to escape things like drug & alchohol addiction, eating disorders, & sexual abuse while learning about and experiencing the love of God.

New Life Ministry (Bonnie Gill) Nicaragua

This ministry is centered in providing valuable education for native Nicaraguans. It specializes in literacy programs, tutoring ,& vocational & spiritual education.

Chris & Sue Gray - Navajo Mission - New Mexico

Chris & Sue Gray minister to Native Americans through education, bible studies, & simply living and sharing the light of the Gospel.

HOPE International - Lancaster, PA - in 16 countries worldwide

HOPE is a Christian Micofinance non-profit that provides loans, savings groups, and discipleship programs to help the world's impoverished come out of poverty and hold on to the truth of the Gospel.

Shores of Grace - Brazil

Shores of Grace exists to reveal the love of the Father through ministering to and freeing people from prostitution & abuse.

Village of Hope - Uganda 

Village of Hope stands to help 'transform children of war into children of hope.' Through education and other training, VOH endeavors to change communities through self-sustaining skills and discipleship. 

Kingdom Foundations - India

Kingdom Foundations plants churches, heads widows ministires, and leads seminars, conferences, and group counseling models under its leader, Ravi Kandal, a native of Bangalore, India.

Refiner's Fire - Uniontown, PA

Frank Menhart of Refiner's Fire, who has spoken several times at Praise, is a missionary and itinerant speaker from Western Pennsylvania. He travels locally and as far as India to preach the Gospel.

Holy Land Ministries

Holy Land Ministries operates two schools in Israel. One in Hebron and the other in Bethlehem. They both provide a Christian presence in the region and have lots of testimonies to share over the years. Most of the teachers at the Bethlehem school are American and are teaching at the school as missionaries. 

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