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Faith Like Birds - Part iii

“Preparation is ministry.” — Dr. Lawson Stone, Asbury Theological Seminary

As many of you know, my wife and I recently made a significant transition to step out into full time

itinerant ministry. It’s a transition that had been in the making for many years, but one where we were waiting on the timing and confirmation of the Lord to execute.

It was first conceived within us as a promise, but the period of gestation well exceeded nine months. God will always prepare you to handle, walk out, and steward what He wants to birth through you… but we must be willing to embrace that process.

Proper timing results in births without defect.

Concerning what was spoken by the angel Gabriel about the promised birth of John the Baptist to

his father, Zachariahs, Gabriel told the soon to be dad that his very words would be fulfilled in their

proper time (see Luke 1:20).

God knows what He is doing. He knows what’s best for us and His timing is perfect. Whereas we are concerned with the outward manifestation and fulfillment of what we are called to, God is concerned about the process within you.

He’s finishing what He began in you so that you can finish well.

Our starts mean nothing without a finish.

Before something can be launched, it requires a firm foundation.

You may feel as though you are veiled in this time and season, but it’s for a reason.

You may feel as though you are wandering in the wilderness, but it’s an opportunity to draw closer to God and allow Him to do in you what’s required to sustain what He wants to release through you.

The wilderness is not punishment. It’s preparation.

One thing I’ve learned along the way is this: When you no longer need what you feel called to do to happen, you’re ready for it. It no longer has a place in your heart that’s only reserved for God. If

we’re not careful, we can wind up loving or serving the dream more the One who gave it in the first place.

It’s when we delight in Him — not our dreams or callings — that the desires of our heart are given to us (see Psalm 37:4).

Brian Connolly - Itinerant Minister

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