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Awakened Youth - Dominican Republic Mission Trip

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

The purpose of this blog is two-fold. We want you all to be informed about our youth group's coming trip to the Dominican Republic, plus we wanted you to be adequately prepared to pray and intercede for our youth and the people they meet. Below are some fast facts about this week-long Summer missions trip.

Where: San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic. This is a small coastal city about 40 minutes east of the capitol (Santo Domingo) on the southern part of the island of Hispaniola.

When: July 30th - August 6th

What: Our youth group will be teaming up with both YWAM (Youth With a Mission), and Compassion International.

Loose Itinerary/Planned Events & Outreach

  • Visit Compassion International school

  • Visit with the Compassion children that we sponsor as a church

  • Bible distribution ministry (YWAM). This will be a chance for our youth to distribute 250 Bibles to those in the San Pedro community while praying with and ministering to the people.

  • Community Outreach Event (YWAM).

  • Youth Service at Local Church & Sunday morning service at local church

  • Service Project (painting project). Our youth will tackle a large painting project for a person in need of the work and materials in the community.

Prayer Points - Please use this list to pray for us! These are just a few ideas, but please intercede as the Spirit directs you!

  • Protection - Pray that our group would be free from danger and free from fear.

  • Language and cultural barriers - Pray that any barriers created by culture or language would be broken down.

  • Peace (freedom from anxiety) - Pray that any anxiety from travel, discomfort, or culture shock would be abated.

  • The Power of God - Pray that the power of the Holy Spirit would be in their midst; pray that Jesus would be made famous in the city through our youth.

  • Words of knowledge - Pray for words of knowledge that our youth and youth leaders could use to minister to people.

  • Learning - Pray that this experience would be learning opportunity for those going.

  • People of San Pedro - Pray that our group can be a blessing, and that they would represent God and His Kingdom in a powerful way.

Pray for the team individually! Here is a list of those going on the trip.

  1. Carey DuRand

  2. Ramon Trevino

  3. Amy Gotwalt

  4. Angie Iser

  5. David Coldiron

  6. Espe Trevino

  7. Gabe Trevino

  8. Brynn DuRand

  9. Harper DuRand

  10. Rachel Coldiron

  11. Novalea Verno

  12. Michael DeRose

  13. Noah Iser

  14. Leah Yost

  15. Sarah Yost

  16. Delilah Hughes


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