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A Willing Vessel

If all You ask of me

Is this life I lead

I would give it so willingly

Cause You gave it all for me

It's my joy

To do Your will

You're the one my soul longs for, the one that I need

It's my joy

Here I am

All of me

Take my life and let it be a vessel

I delight in you

I delight in you

For You have been so good, You have been so good to me

Willing Vessel // Heather Hilker

When I started to write the lyrics to 'Willing Vessel,' the music had already been ingrained in my mind for some time. I actually had been playing the guitar prelude for at least a year, if not more. Once I decided to finally put words to the music in my head, it only took about an hour to write the song. 

The "Why" Behind Writing 'Willing Vessel'

I remember thinking... "I want to be used by God." I feel like anyone who lives in this world and believes in God, and sees Him as their Lord and Savior says, "I want to be used by God." Some may ask you, "How do you want to be used by God?" You could answer accordingly... by doing the things I love, exercising the gifts that I've been given, and influencing people for Jesus, etc. To some people that may genuinely be their heart's desire, but that's not the question I ask myself when I think about wanting to be used by Him. 

My question is "Why do you want to be used by God?" Saying "being used as a vessel for God to work through" sounds so right and so spiritual, but when you think about it, most people want to be used as a vessel because they want to feel special. They want to feel like they are "doing" something for the Lord. 

"Why?" is a question I have faced so many times in my life when it comes to being a Christian… Why do I sing? Why do I play the guitar? Why am I saved? Why do I pray? I think you get what I am saying. If your motive for wanting to be a vessel that God works through is anything but bringing God glory and honor, then you're answering the "why" question wrong.

Let’s use the example of a tool box with tools inside. If you take out the screwdriver to use, its purpose is not to ultimately serve itself. It is to be used as a piece to help assemble something bigger than itself. If we apply that same principle to ourselves, we will realize that we get to be a tool that God uses in this world to help assemble a bigger plan – His plan! I want my life to reflect and ultimately point to and give God glory and honor. I want to be a part in His plan. 

When I sit down and think about everything that God has been to me, I am so humbled that all I want to do is offer my life for Him to use to ultimately give Him glory. He has been a friend, Father, light, lover, and someone who loved me so much He gave the life of His only son so that I would be saved (John 3:16). I have seen His kindness, goodness and faithfulness. Because I have seen His heart for me, I am humbled and it compels me to draw close.

Why do I want to be used by God? He has given me everything, and in return, being used by Him is the least I can do.


Mold me. Make me into whatever is needed. I am willing and I say, “yes” to Your will. Not because I need to feel special or need another thing in this life, but because I have tasted and seen the goodness of who You are, and I love you and delight in You. You gave me everything and I willingly hand over my life for You.

In Jesus' Name,


Listen To  Willing Vessel

Heather Hilker, Worship Director - PCC

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