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Steve Robertson

Executive Pastor

Steven Robertson's commitment to community and spiritual stewardship is the cornerstone of his role as Executive Pastor at Praise Community Church. His path in faith-based service has led him from engaging in prison ministry in South Africa to participating in mission work throughout Africa, notably in the introduction of the wordless Bible as a missionary tool. Stateside, he contributed seven years on the church board of East Gate Church, emphasizing the cultivation of faith and fellowship. Steven's involvement with churches spans continents, including Europe, Brazil, the USA, and Africa. His focus has consistently been on bridging generational gaps, nurturing a deep bond within the church family.


His diverse background features collaborative efforts with entities such as Yale University, the NFL, and the 76ers. These business experiences have honed his skills in teamwork and inclusive leadership, providing valuable insights into fostering environments conducive to growth and education, which he now applies at Praise Community Church. In his current role, he dedicates himself to fostering leadership and ministry that embody humility and impact, striving to establish an inclusive and empathetic environment for congregants of all ages.

Steven and his wife Colleen are parents of two wonderful kids Jeremy and Sarah.

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