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1. To maintain a clean, usable, and safe Praise building and grounds.
2. To watch for ways to make our facility more energy efficient.
3. To make repairs & upgrades to the church property as needed.
4. To contract with outside contractors when repairs are beyond the scope of the build team's ability, time commitment, or workload.
5. To inspect property & grounds periodically to see what needs attention and what takes priority.
6. To make recommendations to the church concerning maintenance needs, as appropriate.
7. To lead and involve all members of the church in low-profile maintenance projects, such as cleaning storage rooms, spring cleaning and landscaping, etc.
8. Cooperate with the Pastor and church staff.
9. To teach others, especially youth, new skills.
10. To provide services to the less fortunate within our church body on a case by case basis.
11. Be available to help at least once per month.

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